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COVID-19: what to consider before booking


Before booking please consider the Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak:

and the operational procedures the Hitchin Boys School Sport Center have put in place to ensure they are fully compliant with the current covid-19 pandemic.

They are following all government guidance and including Public Health England to ensure the safety of everybody.

Entering and exiting HBS Sport Center premises.
Due to current restrictions, the viewing balcony is closed.
Access to the building is strictly coaches / instructors and members attending sessions.
No food is to be eaten on the premises only waterbottles.
Toilets are a strict 1 in 1 out process and all changing room facilities including showers are currently closed.

They have strict cleaning measures in place for the safety of all staff and hirers. A deep clean is completed every evening and additional cleaning is completed in between all hirings.
Doors are propped open where possible to avoid unnecessary contact.
Hand Sanitiser is available and must be used on arrival and before you enter the room you are hiring.

Covid-19 Policy
1. We ask all members to cancel their session if they currently have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, live in a household with somebody with current symptoms or have been in contact with somebody with a suspected confirmed COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
Please follow government guidance on isolation. If you have any symptoms of corona virus you should arrange a test by visiting
2. Socially distanced training in place at all times in line with the latest Government and National Governing Body guidance.
3. We ask all members in the shielded/vulnerable group to not attend face to face sessions and classes.
4. To prevent unnecessary crowding please they ensure there is a gap in-between sessions to clean and allow one group to leave before another arrives.

5. HBS Sports Centre are allowing 30 minutes in-between bookings to clean.
6. Please maintain social distancing before and after sessions.
7. Please ensure you arrive for sessions on-time to avoid unnecessary crossovers.
Please be aware that other hirers may be accessing the building through other entrances.
8. If you have an accident, or require first aid from the centre staff we will assist and wear full PPE. This will require close contact and they are not liable for any risk of transmission as a result.
9. We all must follow Government Guidelines and guidelines from their National Governing body.
10. We keep a detailed copy of all of our members attending each session to be used in trace and track should we be required if someone develops symptoms.
11. If you are going on holiday and you are subject to new quarantine restrictions you must ensure you let us know and do not attend classes during this time.


​- as per the government regulations young children under the age of 11 do not have to wear a mask. However accompanying parents will be strongly encouraged to wear a face covering.

- all materials to be used during the art sessions will be wiped with sanitiser prior to hand to the kids.

Thank you! Nathalie