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No one is born without the ability to express themselves in a creative way

Children often take after their parents.  This sounds like a very obvious statement, but it is often incredibly true.  In the early stages of a child’s life, parents will present opportunities to their children who match their own interests and in this way; the children are guided in their development.  This often comes into play in terms of creativity.  If the children are not given opportunities to explore themselves through drawing, painting, and other artistic forms, they will quickly learn to believe that they have no skill or interest.

This is unfortunate, because no one is born without the ability to express themselves in a creative way.  Without the opportunity to express that creativity, the flame will quickly grow dim and eventually die.  Children need the opportunity to express and explore that creativity and it is imperative of the guardians in their lives to encourage that exploration to happen.  If the children are criticised with their creative expressions, those children will quickly learn to stop that behaviour.

Once the creativity and curiosity of painting and art is squashed in a child, it is very hard to get that to blossom again.  They are prone to feelings that they have no talent in that area because, from an early age, they were told that they did not.  This is a tragedy for every child has the potential to explore themselves and their own creativity.  They just need to be given the chance and the encouragement to do so.

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