Our drawing workshops for young artists offer a unique opportunity to students from all backgrounds, to develop their drawing skills and help them sustain self-expression and creativity.

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07 581 185 965 

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Drawing Club for young artists aged 11-14 +

Starting September 2019 in Hitchin


Hitchin Boys’ School Sport Hall

Grammar School Walk,  Hitchin SG5 1JB


This course will run from 5pm – 6pm on Saturdays.

 £10 per session (pay as you go)

£9 per session if attending the full 1/2 term 

Our Saturday drawing club for young artists is open to young people who want to learn, enhance and/or improved further their drawing skills.

Our workshops provide a unique opportunity to students from all backgrounds, sustained drawing, tuition and mentoring.


Our structured workshops will open students to the possibilities of drawing from a number of observational sources (including life clothed models).

Every ½ term, a structured course paired with a theme will open students to the possibilities of drawing from observation.


The final achievement of each project course will be a complete work, or number of works, building a solid group of drawings to provide a personal image bank.

The Drawing Club is led by professional art teacher/artists and experienced in teaching.

What will young people get out of these drawing/art workshops?

  • The opportunity to get creative and express themselves in a fun and easy-going workshop environment where all opinions are encouraged.

  • Engaging in different practical techniques such as sketching.

  • A chance to share their ideas, collaborate and engage in peer-to-peer praise, rather than peer pressure.

  • The boost to their self-confidence that comes with gaining skills and experience in drawing.

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