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Our monthly drawing club for young artists is open to young people from all backgrounds aged 10 - 16 with a passion for art and design and wanting to extend their understanding and experience of drawing.

Location: Hitchin Boys' School (Dinning Hall)
Grammar Scho
ol Walk, Hitchin SG5 1JB

2 hours session 1.30 - 3.30 £30 per session. Booking Essential
For more information please contact Nathalie 07 581 185 965


We provide paper and  supplies.

However if you wish to work from an easel, please do not hesitate to bring one.

Saturday 9th December. PEOPLE

Our young artists will be drawing people from a choice of various images.

They will make a selection and draw in the medium of their choice (pencils, charcoal, coloured crayons).


Next session:
9 December

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