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Our monthly drawing club for young artists
is open to young people from all backgrounds aged 10 - 16
with a passion for art and design
and wanting to extend their understanding and experience of drawing.

Location: HitchinBoys' School (Dinning Hall)
Grammar School Walk, Hitchin SG5 1JB

2 hours session 1.30 - 3.30 £30 per session

Booking Essential

For more information please contact Nathalie 07 581 185 965


We provide paper and  supplies.

However if you wish to work from an easel, please do not hesitate to bring one.

March 25th   DRAWING HANDS

We use our hands for reaching out and interacting with the world. They are an expressive tool for communication and therefore an expression of our identity, yet we often leave them out when drawing figures as they are tricky to draw.

In this lesson, we will spend time making focused studies of their own hands holdings a range of objects, allowing them to concentrate on the varied shapes they can create.

April 29th

(Subject to be announced)

May 27th   Life Drawing (clothed life model)

Life drawing teaches you hand-eye coordination, hones your observational skills and does wonders for relaxation.  At first, you might struggle to see a resemblance between your drawing and the model. However, each time you will get better, and by the end the feeling of achievement is a real buzz.

June 24th

(Subject to be announced)

July 15th

(Subject to be announced)

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