The legend of the blue willow

The content:

The children are going to create a landscape inspired by the blue willow pattern drawing an orange tree, a tea house, a fence, a willow tree, a bridge with three persons crossing it, a boat, and two birds.

The medium:

A2 Paper. Watercolour pencils.

What are we going to look at: 

Qi Baishi was an influential Chinese painter who is credited for modernizing the gongbi style of classical Chinese painting. Qi was born on January 1, 1864 in Xiangtan, China to a peasant family. Initially trained as carpenter, he taught himself to paint using the Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden, a painting guidebook from the Qing dynasty era. His earliest works included performers, everyday people, and animals, and he soon developed a reputation for his wide variety of subjects. He died in Beijing, China on September 19, 1957. In 2017, Qi’s Twelve Landscape Screens (1925), set a new record for the highest-selling Chinese painting ever.