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Displaying Children's Artwork

Displaying children's art work in a school setting is pretty common. But there is far greater importance to your child when you hang their artwork in your own home.

Many parents hang their child’s artwork. You can display your child’s artwork across an entire wall or just on the refrigerator, in your office, and around the home and while hanging up your child’s artwork might seem like a natural thing to do, the simple act of presenting your child’s artwork is a big deal with lifelong benefits!

You’re encouraging a list of good things when you encourage a child to do art, and even more good things when it’s displayed.

* It is a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem. Your child can walk into your home and know that he or she has your support, they’ll feel a sense of pride. It shows them their creative efforts are valued. As time passes, comparing their growth in art also builds great confidence and self-esteem. A child is never too young or never too old to have their artwork displayed.

* Children learn by the process of creating artwork as well as by participating in the display of their artwork. Giving the child’s freedom of the way his or her artworks should be displayed, to choose what artwork should go on display, to decide where and to let them articulate their likes and dislikes is one of the easiest ways of supporting a child’s sense of ownership, purpose and a feeling of accomplishment, and encouraging decision-making skills. Ownership serves as a key factor in accelerating growth and development. It strengthens relationship and also instils a sense of mutual trust and confidence.

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