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My (after school) art club helps children discover Art.

At My (after school) art club we believe that art is something which enriches our culture and allows us to experience the world and different cultures within it.

We believe that it is important, therefore, to teach our children about the importance of art and it is never too early to get children excited about the world of art.

To have an appreciation for the arts at an early age will help them to stay in tune with their creative side throughout their entire lives.

At My (after school) art club we know that children often have short attention spans, and that it is important to present art to them in a way that they can appreciate and not feel overwhelmed by it.

In the planning of our art projects we are mindful to pick artists and artworks the child will related to and engaged with. We pay attention to and validate the reactions that the child has to the work of art, as this encourages them to think about the artwork and explore the ideas presented by the work of art more.

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